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"At the age of six I watched and listened, amazed at the sound of a wind quintet visiting my school. Immediately I had an affinity with the flute. The next two years were spent persuading my parents to let me have flute lessons. A career was born.

Now it’s time to give something back..."

I have devised a 45 minute show called "The Flute Emporium". Packed full of fun and enthusiasm  for children and staff of all ages. Aimed at developing an interest in learning a musical instrument or motivating them to carry on.
Instruments from the flute and whistle, didgeridoo, a walking stick,  bottles and even a bicycle pump will all feature. Together with great music and bags of fun Simeon will  enthral and educate adults and children alike.

How it works...

Simeon's 45 minute show can be repeated up to 4 times in a day at your school. Useful if you only have a small hall that can't accommodate the whole school or if you are wanting the educational content focussing on a particular year group. Another way is to have all the pupils experience the show at the beginning of the day and then for Simeon to go in to each classroom. This will give the pupils chance to ask questions on their level and to see the instruments up close.

Enquire today by filling in the form

the flute emporium

Flute Emporium Enquiry Form

This is a shorter version of Simeon’s celebrated flute emporium, a school presentation for children aged between 5 and 11. They will learn about flutes, pipes, whistles and a few very funny inventions, how they are played, how sound is produced, what they are made out of and where in the world they come from.

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What the Schools say...

"A superb, perfectly pitched exploration of the flute (and other instruments). The children were captivated and loved the whole experience"  Earlsheaton Primary School

"What a wonderful day with Simeon. His assembly was informative, engaging and entertaining with the children listening intently throughout. Simeon's talent, passion and enthusiasm for music was evident and we were grateful he visited"  Silkstone Primary School

“Simeon brought the joy of music to our school today. 200 pupils plus staff were enthralled with his musicianship, as he played an array of musical instruments. They marvelled at hoe Simeon could play a rubber glove with a bottle filled with water!” Lepton C.E Primary Academy


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