The Show

Ever heard that expression - "You just had to be there"? Simeon's award winning show is  packed full of great music, ranging from John Denver to The Proclaimers and from Henry Mancini to J S Bach. There's something for everyone.

Anecdotes and humour weave their way through this diverse mix of beautiful music. A show presented in a light-hearted, informal and captivating way.

Here's what people say...

"Very funny and hugely entertaining. A great night out"


"Right from the start Simeon captivated his audience with musicianship of the highest calibre". 


"A repartee worthy of the finest comedian."

How to book a show...

Alison has been Simeon's bookings agent  for over 8 years now. Her primary role is to help you put on a successful show. Through her vast experience and organisational skills, she has encouraged and supported 100s of bookers over the years.

Use the email form below  to contact Alison and she'd be happy to help with your next event...

Brief Bio...

Simeon was born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and started playing the flute at the age of 8. After 10 years, Trinity College of Music, London, was where his performance and writing skills were honed.
Simeon enjoys performing all over the world playing on an ever-increasing array of unusual instruments, all with unique sounds. “My work as an itinerant musician has led me to play in extraordinary venues. From caves to castles, palaces to giant redwood forests as well as the more conventional festivals, cruise ships, halls, theatres and art centres”.
When he's not touring Simeon is regularly commissioned to write music for television and theatre productions.
Appearances on BGT,  the BBC’s One Show and the Chris Evans Breakfast show.


Theatre: Simeon's first foray into writing music for theatre was during his time as music director for “Empty Hat Theatre Company” in the early 90s. Songs,   incidental music, character themes and soundscapes were his speciality.

Since then he has written scores for children's productions, serious plays and musicals.


TV: Commissions for incidental and signature tunes for programmes about food and drink , current affairs, pets, gardening, travel and history. Just recently his playing backed Mr Bean as a rather lacklustre Ninja Warrior advertising Snickers bars.


Audiobooks: To date Simeon has scored the music for 5 Audiobooks written by Fred Close. These stories were specifically written for the Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.


Like a lot of children Simeon started on the humble recorder at the age of 6. It was only when a visiting wind quintet performed at his school did he see and hear the flute for the first time. An image that has stayed with him all these years. This was the start of the career we witness today. A career that has blossomed and taken him all over the world.

The list of instruments he plays continues to grow. Celtic whistles, panpipes, South American quena, Chinese flutes and the Ba-Hu, Flutes of various sizes from the bass to the piccolo, and very occasionally the didgeridoo. Be rest assured that some more unconventional objects like the walking stick and bicycle pump will also make a welcomed appearance. 


Simply put, being a musician on stage was never enough for Simeon.  Whether he's giving a show onboard a cruise ship, playing to patients in a hospice or prisoners behind bars, presenting one of his many "Flute Emporiums" in schools or performing for a WI Federation meeting, engaging with an audience in a humorous and casual way is of paramount importance to him.  

Musician | Composer | Entertainer 

Simeon Wood

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