"Simply breathtaking..."


From caves to castles, palaces to giant redwood forests...
Simeon enjoys performing all over the world playing on an ever-increasing array of unusual instruments, all with unique sounds. “My work as an itinerant musician has led me to play in extraordinary venues..."


Simeon working on new album

I've never been afraid of including the unusual and the odd surprise, and this release will be no different.

Simeon's best selling album

“Wonderful” is an irresistible mix of musical genres that represent Simeon at his very best and most creative. A Bollywood classic sits alongside a Celtic treasure, a John Denver ballad and a hit by The Proclaimers.


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Due to the coronavirus outbreak all concerts up to the end of June have been cancelled. Any concerts listed after that may be subject to change, so please check with the organiser before turning up.

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Simeon Wood

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